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10 October, 2013

Legal Residence in Costa Rica

Requirements for obtaining a legal residence in Costa Rica

ERP Lawyers & Associates provides immigration services for our clients, specifically to obtain Legal Residencies, depending on the category of the applicant.

There are general immigration requirements, which apply to all the different categories established in our legislation. These requirements are:

a) The residency applications may be submitted directly in Costa Rica, providing that the applicant’s tourist visa is up to date, or in the Costa Rican Consulate in the country of residence of the applicant.
b) Affiliation Form
c) Birth Certificate duly apostilled or legalized.
d) Criminal Record Certificate duly apostilled or legalized. This and the abovementioned certificates will be valid for six months, unless the document expressly indicates another expiration date.
e) Certification of Marriage duly apostilled or legalized. This requirement applies only in cases in which the applicant wishes to cover his or her spouse as a dependent. If there are under aged children, a birth certificate for each one of them will also be required.
f) Fingerprints
g) Six recent passport size photographs.
h) Consular Registry.
i) A certified copy of all the passport pages.
j) Proof of government payments (expenses for submitting the application).
k) Certified translation of all documents that are issued in a language different than Spanish.

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