The payment of the tax to corporations expired for the 2018 period
9 February, 2018




The payment of the tax to corporations for the 2018 period

This past January 31st, the deadline for the payment of the tax on corporations expired, amount that is updated every year according to the base salary established by decree annually, which for this year is four hundred thirty one thousand colones (₡431,000.00).

It is important to remember that companies that are inactive, must pay a total of fifteen percent (15%) of the base salary; active companies that generate an income no higher than one hundred twenty (120) base salaries, must pay a tribute of twenty five percent (25%) of the base salary; those companies that have an income between one hundred and twenty (120) and two hundred and eighty (280) base salaries, must pay thirty percent (30%) of the base salary; and finally, companies with a gross income greater than 280 base salaries must pay a tax of fifty percent (50%) of the base salary.

Those said payment percentages were established by law, so they apply every year, the only thing that will change is the corresponding amount, depending on the base salary established each year.

The consequences of not paying these taxes are quite serious for the companies, since, first, they generate late interest rates, which are fixed by the Tax Authorities, but never may exceed twenty percent (20%) of the amount owed; and, if the corporations are in default, the National Registry does not issue certifications of any kind, nor register documents in favor of the delinquent company. Besides, the default payment constitutes a legal mortgage and/or preferential pledge on the assets of the delinquent company.

In addition, the delinquent corporations cannot participate in administrative contracting processes. It should also be remembered that those companies that have more than three periods as delinquent, risk a dissolution ex officio. The only companies that are exempt from paying this tax are those that are registered as small and medium enterprises (PYMEs in spanish).

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