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What kind of residences exist? 

ERP is responsible for providing advice to obtain the following types of residences:

Permanent residence

Immigration status that allows remaining in Costa Rica indefinitely and with the possibility of working without problems. People whose parents or children are Costa Ricans can opt for this residence; or foreigners who have had temporary residence for three consecutive years.

Temporary residence

It is granted for a maximum of two years in the following categories.

  • Residence as spouse of a Costa Rican: the foreigner who presents convincing evidence of being legally married to a Costa Rican citizen will receive it. If you meet this requirement, you will be granted residence for one year, which may be extended for the same period. When the person reaches three years as a legal resident, they can opt for permanent residence.
  • Residence as a religious person: Those who profess an accredited religion before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may opt for it.
  • Residence for members of a company: Applies for foreigners (and their spouse and children) with executive positions, representatives, managers and technical staff of companies established in Costa Rica.
  • Residence for scientists, professionals or interns: They can request it, as well as their dependents.
  • Residence as correspondents and staff of press agencies: These are professionals linked to journalism, who, due to their work, need to reside in Costa Rica.
  • Residence as an athlete: those athletes who are accredited before the National Sports Council of Costa Rica can request it.
  • Residence for pensioners: It will be granted to those who provide evidence that they enjoy a monthly and life pension of $1,000.00 USD or its equivalent.
  • Residence for rentiers: These can be linked with: a) productive projects of national interest; b) immovable and movable property; c) shares and securities, and; d) forest plantations.

To apply to one of the residences mentioned above, the interested party must also have a current visa, present their birth certificate and criminal record, take fingerprints and attach recent photographs, among others.